Stop feeling undervalued and overworked.

If you run a business, you might be fatigued and frustrated. With all the extra phone calls, messaging and communications, and scheduling meetings, you lose out on the things that matter—one-on one time with your clients, your partner and kids.

What if a single online program—one conversation at a time—was all it took to transform your hectic, demanding day into a swift, highly profitable one?

Your life with Wendell

Attract raving fans

Develop a highly specific coaching program that works for an ideal client. They’ll fall in love with your product and refer you to all their friends.

Get paid like a professional

Build a pathway that delivers on its promise and is highly valuable to the end user. Showcase that value, and you’re able to charge a premium price.

Freedom to work where and when you want

Design a business model that is minimally viable. That is, it works quickly and accurately to get your client where they want to go. Plus, it takes the minimum time and effort from both of you to reach those end results.

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How to get there


your spot

You’ll get a free strategy session with one of our coaches.

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Build a solid system

We’ll evaluate your current business model together and identify places it can immediately improve.


Launch your offer

You’ll put your new system into the world and watch it take off.


Grow your freedom

You’ll discover a whole new world of optimized business and scalable services.

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Selected clients

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How our approach is different

We’re not here to sell you on pricey ads, complex funnels, and “free” challenges. In fact, we believe a successful business model takes minimal time and energy while netting the maximum results. Which means your investment on the front end pays off in mere weeks.

We also recognize that a healthy business owner stands head and shoulders above their peers. So we approach building your business with a holistic attitude. After all, your own beliefs make a huge impact on how you approach your job. Transform your mindset, and you can transform your career.

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Our programs

  • Online Coach Revolution

    Join dozens of other coaches, consultants and business owners who have transformed their skills into high-ticket courses that change lives.

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  • Wolfpack Mastermind

    Coming Soon

Helping experts, coaches, and entrepreneurs build, launch and grow profitable businesses.

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